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Gemini's Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG

A Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG based on an AU timeline

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In this RPG, we welcome all characters whether from the anime/manga or your own orgional characters.
The rules are oh so simple, we shouldn't even really waste the time telling you!
1. If you create your own character you must post a bio of said character.
2. If you create your own, please don't give yourself a millenium item, let's be reasonable here! There's only supposed to be 7!!
3. Please check below for a character, to see if it is already taken before asking for it.
4. You can have anything you want! Violence (which is always fun-Gemini), sexual type-stuff (even more fun-Gemini...again) and swearing! We're not fussed, we're all old enough to treat this responsibly!
Well...that's pretty much it! Please enjoy! ::waves::

Gemini + Thai

Taken characters;

Made-up chatacres;
Gemini Kaiba
Thai Kamazaki
Hano Kamazaki
Tetsui Kamazaki
Jun Hiraga
Areia Bakura
Daisuke Kitano
Aoba and Aoki Kaiba

Charecter birthdays and aniversaries
Joey Wheeler - January 25th
Daisuke Kitano - January 30th
Duke Devlin - Feburary 28th
Tetsui Kamazaki - March 17th
Isis Ishtar - April 5th
Tristan Taylor - April 19th
Jun Hiraga - May 3rd
Yugi Mutoh - June 4th
Mokuba Kaiba - July 7th
Thai Kaiba - August 8th
Tea Gardner - August 18th
Hano Kamazaki - August 21st
Ryou Bakura - September 2nd
Gemini Kaiba - September 9th
Areia Bakura - October 5th
Seto Kaiba - October 25th
Miho Nozaka - November 1st
Aoki and Aoba Kaiba - December 18th
Malik Ishtar - December 23rd

Thai and Seto - March 15th
Gemini and Jun - September 3rd